FiA – Positive Impacts!

Before the demands of the day pull us in different directions, FiAs start their day with a 45/60 minute workout. During this time, we experience a physical and personal growth that radiates through the rest of our day – enabling us to be better daughters, sisters, employees, spouses, friends, bosses and mothers.

FiA develops incredible female friendships

  • At FiA, we are focused on supporting and encouraging one another to push beyond our comfort zones.

  • Supporting you, challenging you, and cheering you on – those 45/60 minutes are a great investment in you so that when you’re tackling all the rest of your roles – your heart, mind and body are ready.

  • This environment brings out the good in each of us and helps us connect/relate based on our common interest to get fit and be healthy. And then we build on this commonality by providing opportunities for women to get to know each other through our group activities and socials.

FiA improves our physical fitness

  •  FiAs of all fitness abilities workout alongside each other and all become stronger at the same time.  No woman left behind.